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Machine won't power up

By iledoux ·
I installed a new power supply in my machine, and now it won't power up. Fan comes on, lights on front of machine come on, no beeps, no electric static on front of monitor. Please help????

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by jschein In reply to Machine won't power up

More info...

Is this a P4.. If it is, there are TWO power supply plugs you need to connect.

If not, sounds like a bad MOBO

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by brianmann57 In reply to Machine won't power up

1. Try clearing the CMOS using the jumper pin, 2. Like the 1st answer says, make sure you have both connectors for a P4.
Now, This sounds like you replaced the power supply because the other one was fried. Lets start by doing the following:
1. remove the ribbone cable connectors for both IDE channels.
2. Boot the computer, seeing a BIOS Screen? . If you are, reconnect the IDE 0 or 1, whichever the primary drive is on. If the original problem comes back, you have a bad cable, or a bad drive. Most likely a bad drive.
3. If disconnecting the drives did nothing, Lets pull the cards we do not need, Network, Sound, Modem,
4. If the computer now comes up, you have a bad card, reinstlall each one, and reboot till you get the failure.
5. If this has an AGP card for the video, you may want to try using a different video card to temporarly check the AGP. you can use an AGP or a PCI video card, as long as it is not the one you have now. Computer boots?....Video card.
6.If you do all of this and still get no changes, you have a bad BIOS and\or a bad board.
Let me know.

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by TwitchMyth In reply to Machine won't power up

what both the ppl above have not pointed out is a problem i see all the time. A hardware change is made to a machine, and it exhibits the symptoms you're discussing.

what i've found is usually it's as simple as removing the ATX mobo connector, reseating the video card AND THE RAM!! and reconnecting the ATX connector.

usually if RAM is faulty, your machine will beep. for some reason, sometimes it doesnt. so try it. just reseat the RAM and AGP and reconnect the power to the board and see if that helps.

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by meridenscrafts In reply to Machine won't power up

check the connects for the power plug into the board. smell does it smell like it burned.
check memory. make sure it is seeded in good.
memory is always a problem.

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by Boli In reply to Machine won't power up

check that your drives are all pluged in! is there no display? could be a badpower supply of course

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