Macintosh: black screen of death, freeze-ups

By brifd1 ·
Power Mac G5 (non-Intel), 1.5 Ghz, single processor, 4gb RAM
Replaced the mother board. Ever since, Mac lasts less than 10 minutes before freezing up. Typically, open a website on Safari, such as GMail, perhaps get through 1 message or 2. Initially, a video would freeze up.
Tried a variety of maintenance tasks and products to clean cache, delete log files, etc. At best, perhaps gained me a minute or two. One or two videos would now play. RAM checked out okay.
Added a second, new HD (initial one is the one that came with the machine and exhibited signs of problems before the motherboard replacement) and made that the boot drive. Not only faster boots, but a bit longer before freezes.
Yesterday, a new discovery. I used Firefox as my browser, and that lasted considerably longer, about 40 minutes before freezing up. At least this would seem to make the machine viable for short-term, limited tasks. I'm considering throwing in the towel in favor of something like a Mac mini, since I already have the keyboard, mouse, and monitor from the G5 setup.
Any ideas on this???

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