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Macintosh Routing Problems

By larryrh ·
I have a G3 Mac on the same tcp/ip network,(mostly windows NT) that is working fine. Can use Microsoft Mail Exchange and also use the Proxy server to surf the intranet. Now when i moved the Mac to another subnet, using a NT server as the router, not changing anything on the mac, the mac now can not use the proxy to get to the internet. the mac is using dhcp and has a good address for the new subnet. have tried using ping to ping the proxy, works okay. also trace route,also can get to the proxy. The browser replys the the address is not supported. The address of the subnet is in the "LAT" table on the proxy and other windows nt pc's on that subnet are all using the proxy server without any problems. I also have modified the host fileon the mac to define the address of the proxy server. the mac is using os9. and as i said works just fine on the same subnet as the proxy server.

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Routing problem

by JackieB In reply to Macintosh Routing Problem ...

Is there a default route setting on the MAc. I am not familiar with the latest MAC OS but usually when you move something to a different network (or subnet) you have to configure a default route to whatever machine is routing between the networks (or subnets). Since your proxy was on the same network as the mac before, a route was not needed to get to it, but since they are now on different networks, it has to route to get to it. Good Luck, Jackie

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