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Macintosh Server

By aaronp ·
We are running a deaprtment with 6 G3
Macintosh computer off a G3 Server OS9.2.
The server lock up all the time and we need to
restart the server.
We have a large 20 outlet bus, and added
memory. The Hard Drive is 30 Gig.
But the server will lockup over night or while
artists are working from files stored on the
What can we do. Over the past 4 years, I have
had 6 IT support people come in and no ones
can fix the lockup problem.

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Mac Server

by mvalera In reply to Macintosh Server

Based on your post, I'm guessing that you are running
AppleShare IP. With that in mind, I would pay attention to
what extensions you are running; whittle out the ones that
aren't absolutely necessary for ASIP. Also, pay particular
attention to the type of RAM you are using. Mac OS 9 & X
are particularly sensitive to flaky RAM, even though they
may pass startup tests, problems manifest themselves in
ways like you have mentioned.

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Mac Server Crash

by Mac Wizard In reply to Mac Server

With all the money you've paid those techs to come in you
probably could have purchased all new RAM. I would replace all
the RAM in the G3 - it's pretty cheap and faulty RAM is usually
the cause of seemingly random and untraceable crashes.
Usually, you can replace it a stick at a time and wait to see if the
problem continues to occur, but since it's so cheap, might as
well just replace it all. Also, make sure that all your applications
are up-to-date.

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Mac Server

by Richard-3D In reply to Macintosh Server

We had the same problem. Sometimes it
was random, many times it was consistently
locking up. Our department had 4 IT support
people come and go in 2 years with no
results. Then I took a look at it and noticed
that it was locking up almost every time the
tape backup kicked in. So I changed the tape
drive's SCSI address and wha-laa; problem
solved. Everybody said the SCSI drive could
NOT be the problem. I guess they were
wrong. PS. we have a Mac G4 OS 9.04 ASIP
6.3.1. -Richard

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