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Macintosh Service Error 5

By jkeltg1 ·
My Windows 2000 server can't seem to load the File Service for Macintosh properly. It's set to automatically start but always fails with the same error under Service Control Manager; "The File Server for Macintosh service terminated with service-specific error 5."

I can get it to run after a few minutes of in-activity, but eventually it will stop with that error again! Any ideas?? I'm running Win2000 Server w/ SP2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! This server NEEDS to have Macintosh services up and running continually.

Thanks in advance,
James Keltgen

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Macintosh Service Error 5

by Kniteman In reply to Macintosh Service Error 5


I might have a few gueses, first though did you have it working before and it just quit or has it ever worked.

Going on the guess it hasn't worked before, all Macintosh-accessible volumes must be created on an NTFS partition or on a Compact Disc File System (CDFS) volume. Not a FAT partition or FAT32.

You must have an NTFS partition installed before you install File Server for Macintosh.

Remove all the Macintosh networking componets then reboot the server. Then when you re-install File Server for Macintosh and TCP/IP, the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) over TCP/IP is enabled automatically. Then install the AppleTalk protocol, the protocol is installed automatically (supposedly) when you install File Server for Macintosh.
Let me know if this is of any help,


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Macintosh Service Error 5

by jkeltg1 In reply to Macintosh Service Error 5

I'm sorry for not mentioning it, but yes it is on NTFS volumes.
Regarding whether it has worked in the past or not, you are correct. It did work previously but only for about a week before it crashed.
I've re-installed the File Service, and this time I also installed the Print Service for Macintosh, and so far it has been working correctly (knock on wood).

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