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By dallastechieguy ·
I just wanted to throw this out there and see what happends:

Is there a market for a Mac tech in the workforce?

Currently I do installs with PC's and it's paying the bills, but I want more out of my "career".
I've been looking at the Macintosh sector and there's not a lot about techs needed with Mac skills here in the Dallas area. I'm looking into getting certified as a Mac tech and 'switching' over to the Mac platform. Isee there's a lot out there that want both Mac and PC skills, but also wanting MCSE, CCNA, and others as part of the qualifications. I'm 30 years old and I don't have that much more time to go back to school on top of a full time job to keep paying my bills. I travel the US (which I love to do), but I don't do too well with the CBT (computer based training CDs).

To all you Mac techies out there, how best should I process to ease my way into the Mac sector and be a premiere tech within the next 2-4 years. Thanks for ANY help and have a happy holidays!

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by James Goerke In reply to macintosh techs

Mac's seem to be big in k-12 education. I havent seen them in use for actual business environments except in the graphics sector. I work for a k-12 school district and we are about half mac and have special Mac technicians to take care of them. Likewise, I also do in-home service on the side and have seen macs there but not too often. So, I would check with local education and that might be starting point.

James Goerke
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