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Macintosh vs others

By stpmds ·
is mac an OS or a computer brand name or a computer config.
what kind of processor/mb/ram/hd it uses.
mine is an assembled computer p4-2.8/intel chipset910-gav/256mb/160gb hd/XP2000 pro etc., i can upgrade to any level.
can i use mac in my pc?
if no - in what way mac computer is different from mine?
is it a specialised computer or general one.i need to learn about it.

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by honu95 In reply to Macintosh vs others

MAC - Unix based, proprietary powerPC processors and motherboards that are made to support MAC-specific coding/effects/etc. (now w/ Intel option). Everything else the same as windose, pretty much.

Windows - DOS based, mainly Intel and AMD procs.

MAC OS is and operating system, built for their PowerPC proc. Only recently will it be supported by certain Intel chips, meaning you'll be able to DIY! Boy, will mac explode after that takes hold...or will it be literal?

I will say "no" you can't install OSX on your existing machine.

Read the two sites above...great info. I'm sure you can get better info on the Web than TR. Reserve 30 minutes of your time, and practice your web search skills.

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by jardinier In reply to Macintosh vs others

Why would you want to install Mac OS on your computer? (which you can't as others have said).

If you are just curious to learn about Mac OS and compare it Windows, you should be able to buy a second-hand Mac cheaply.

In Sydney, Australia, I can get a second-hand Mac G4 for $US 225, with sufficient specifications to run the latest verson of Mac -- OS 10.4

This G4 would have cost $US 3,000 new.

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