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    Macro- add up items then delete lines


    by fiero84 ·

    Everyday I run reports, in Excel, with multiple entries “SOLD”, of the same product:
    234345 Broom 5
    234345 Broom 15
    234345 Broom 20

    234344 Dust Pan 15
    234344 Dust Pan 2
    234344 Dust Pan 30 etc…

    When all I need it to say is:

    234345 Broom 40

    234344 Dust Pan 47

    I have a macro that adds a blank line between DIFFERENT products. (Thanks to you guys!)

    Now – I need to end up with ONE product description with a total sold. Then I’d like it to skip to the next product and do the same thing, total them up and delete the extra lines. The number of lines differs for every product sold.

    Any Macro Gods out there? Thanks!!! Tricia 🙂

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