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Macs in a PC environment

By LTSallie ·
We have about 18 Macs in a PC environment that supports over a 1,000 pc users. We spend so much time on these Macs I have to beieleve that our configurations are wrong. I know we can't be the only group with this issue. Where can I go for some help?

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I am in your boat too

by bconklin In reply to Macs in a PC environment

I myself also support our macs in the PC wprld, and what I have found is that you need to address exactly what it is that your mac users need to do then go about configuring your network to allow them to do that. I am currently demoing a 3rd party application called "Dave" by Thursby corp. which seems to work very well in allowing cross platform file sharing. It has worked better then the Mac services that are part of the NT4 server package. You did not indicate what problems you are having andexactly what environment you are in, but I suspect it is file sharing and printing.
I also attended a week long class in Macintosh Systems Administration at teh Complete Macs Seminar School in Louisville Ky. That helped a lot in getting to the bottom of how Macs work and how to make them happier in the PC world.

Good Luck


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