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    Mad Irishman ranting; you have been warned


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      Buying over the phone

      by s.mcgahan ·

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      So, the worst finally happened.  A business crucial server is dead as a doornail, not repairable or maybe I should have said, not worth repairing.  I get on the phone to a leading market provider of servers and server hardware to ask for a quote and to give the full specifications that I need.First girl is ok, not tech savvy whatsoever but polite and probably well-meaning.She explains patiently (like she probably does 1,000 times a day) that she has no idea what I am talking about and has to refer me to someone in their commercial sales department.

      After some pretty awful elevator music another operator comes on the line.He knows what a hardware RAID controller is and knows what SCSI drives are, we get on well.He gives me a url showing the full specifications of the server, I take a look and ask for prices.He has no idea what price anything is.He offers to put me through to sales so I say ok, more elevator music followed by another operator whose brain seems to go into some sort of apoplexy when a techy word is used and asks me to hold the line while she transfers me to, yes, you guessed it, the commercial sales department.

      I don’t know for certain but I strongly suspect the commercial sales department and the sales department of the company in question aren’t in the same building or is that same country, or come to that same continent.Either way they drove me up the walls with their total, complete and utter fucking incompetence.

      I have now decided NOT to buy one of their servers, instead I am going with a competitor.  At least I will be able to speak to someone, tell them what I want and get what I want instead of spending a few hours on the fucking telephone speaking to clueless and most definitely unhelpful operators.

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