Made my new pc!

By j.lyon ·
I have always made my own PC's, i dont know everything about them how ever i know the basics about most things. but this one is stubbing me. it is probably a simple solution. but its been about a year know since i even looked inside a pc case...

I have just bought all the necersarys for my pc and put them together how i would before, nothing different to it used to be. (except SATA hard drive, which doesnt seem to difficult) only to find that i can not a display of anything, i have tried two different monitors one CRT and one TFT i have also tried both PCI Express graphics card and the built in motherbourd card.

Any ideas???

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more info please

by bdmitinc In reply to Made my new pc!

Is there a beep code? If so haow many beeps and what is the length of the beeps. Is the CPU seeted correctly? Is the memory installed corectly? Check to make sure you don't have an extra stand off under the MB shorting it out. If it is a grounding problem then test it outside of the case and on the mother board box so it is not touching any thing. You normally have to pull the power supply out to do this so the cords will reach unless you have an extra one laying around. Just hook up a video card. you dont need hard drives or CD drives just to test to get into the bios. You didn't say what kind of MB you got. most MBs have more than one power connetion now. is the power conetions plugged in right? did you plug in the four prong if needed? or the additional 4 prong next to the 20 pin connector? let me know if any of this helps.

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