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Madge 60 and dirty T1s

By ALSLibSys ·
We have an ongoing problem (7 months) with "dirty" T1 lines to three outlying offices. The various phone companies check the lines and tell us they are clean. The Madge (initia) support people tell us they are "dirty". We can monitor and see the lines bounce and generate errors. Every component on the circuit has been replaced except the T1s and the Madge 60.
Does anyone else have experience with this type of problem? I would say we need an answer quickly, but it has already been toooooo long. We just need to get it resolved.

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Madge 60 and dirty T1s

by en In reply to Madge 60 and dirty T1s

One thing you may want to take a close look at is the wiring between the T1 Interface (is it an NIU or a wall-jack or a punch-down?) and your Madge 60.

It's not uncommon for the carriers to be able to cleanly test to the NIU, and for the line to appear bad to your equipment. I would first re-punch any punch-down's if they exist, try new cables between your Madge 60 and the NIU or wall-jack.

Also, it would be a good idea to test with other equipment if available to rule out the Madge.

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