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magic fix for Windows XP

By jhallen ·
Restore trashes everything, why not check each winxp file against a master file?

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Magic Fix

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to magic fix for Windows XP

Personally I don't bother with restore, I periodically re-install. Although you can put me down as the first to say that Linux is the MAGIC FIX for Windows XP.

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Some beleive and some do not

by w2ktechman In reply to Magic Fix

XP is an easy to use well adopted system. Although I am not a big fan of M$, and many of their 'ways', Linux is not ready for the spotlight.
I have tried several distros, and although Linux is making big strides, the main problems are in installing apps, finding apps comfortable, and setup. Many distro's can be downloaded with initial setup help, but many apps in Windows environment are easier to look at and use (if you know what I mean). Installing apps in Linux can be a real pain, and many of them are not as refined a look as many Win apps.
So, my main point is it depends on your knowledge and what you want the computer to do, and how much you are willing to learn.
Many people dont have the will or luxery of being able to install additional OS's to play with, and Linux isnt an 'install and go' OS.

Dont get me wrong, I am not trying to bash anyone, but this keeps coming up all the time and it isnt an '1 size fits all' solution. In fact I know many a tech who setup a Linux box for a specific purpose, they will spend a few days securing it and then it is left unatended for long periods of time. But their preference for a desktop is Win.

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just curious

by uscbnancy In reply to magic fix for Windows XP

I (newbie) posted a new thread many hours ago :
How long does it ususlly take to show up?

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which restore

by w2ktechman In reply to magic fix for Windows XP

System restore only saves system state data, but it will often fail if many changes are made since the last restore point.

Restore registry, only backs up the reg, it is more limited than system restore.

Restore from backup -- were the backups checked for errors? If it was corrupt, problems will arise.

If you want to restore messed up files, try running sfc.exe /scannow with the XP disk inserted.
This should check system files. Other programs might have an option as well, to detect and repair.

You will need to be much more specific

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so what is it??

by morethanalittle In reply to magic fix for Windows XP


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