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magictune causing bsod

By Nate711 ·
When i download magictune from the samsung website and install it, it crashes after rebooting.

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Need more info...

by dawgit In reply to magictune causing bsod

As to what system you're using, and what it is that you're trying to do.

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by Nate711 In reply to magictune causing bsod

I7 930
2x ati 5770
Gigabyte x58 ud3r
750 watt psu
6gb 1333 RAM

Samsung px2370 monitor

Windows xp sp2

Problem w/ monitor: text and images are fuzzy, it's not using the entire screen. On another forum it said to use magic tune to fix it.

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Uninstall magictune, update driver

by TobiF In reply to Details

I made a quick search for Magictune, it seems to only do color calibration and may not even work on XP.

The fuzziness and "not using the whole" screen is about screen resolution settings.

Let's hope your videocard is able to serve a full picture to the screen. We'll give it a shot.

1. Uninstall magictune. In order to do this, you may have to boot your computer into safe mode. Safe mode uses VGA standard video mode, so you'll may get a fuzzy low resolution page while doing this.

2. Download & install the latest driver for your screen. (It's here: http://www.samsung.com/us/support/detail/supportPrdDetail.do?menu=SP01&prd_mdl_cd=LS23WHUKFK%2FZA&prd_mdl_name=PX2370&prd_ia_sub_class_cd=P

click on "driver".

3 reboot.

4 If needed, adjust the screen resolution to max: 1920*1080. Other resolutions may give fuzzy picture or only partial use of screen.

Good luck!

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by Nate711 In reply to magictune causing bsod

I uninstalled magictune in safemode and now it doesnt bsod me. The screen still is fuzzy and does not take up the whole area. When I go to properties -> settings the drop down menu has these options:

1. plug and play monitor on ASUS EAH5770 series
2. syncmaster px2370 /px2370Plus (digital) on Asus EAH5770 Series
3. plug and play monitor on ASUS EAH5770 series
4. syncmaster px2370 /px2370Plus (digital) on Asus EAH5770 Series

Note: I am running a crossfire configuration

1 and 3 can go up to 1920x1080

2 and 4 can go up to 1440x900, but when I hit apply they dont do anything

also when I change the screen ratio the used amount of screen changes

here is a link to a picture of my desktop:

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Did you install the specific drivers?

by TobiF In reply to resolution

Your screen has the resolution 1920*1080, so that's the resolution you need to give it from your video output.
If the signal from your computer has a different ratio than the screen, then the screen can try to stretch the image, but your screen defaults to leaving part of the area black and maintain the image ratio received.

If you send a lower resolution image to the screen, then the screen stretches this image to cover the whole area, but then the image may become blurry.

There's a risk that your computer lacks the specific drivers and then doesn't pick the corrent driver. If your computer isn't an ASUS EAH5770, then I believe that may be the case.

Try to download and install the drivers from the location I gave in my earlier post.

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