MagSafe charger, not a fan, what am I missing? Am I the only one?

By conventvictorsfiverr ·
Tags: Apple
Trying to understand the enthusiasm for the MagSafe charger. Other than properly aligning to the phone, I have found the magnet concept an unnecessary nuisance vs a standard QI wireless charger. For example, grabbing iPhone off of nightstand to check something while in bed is now a two handed process.

I understand the accessories like the wallet (maybe?) but even that seems impractical for putting phone in pocket, falling off, etc.

Maybe a better application for this is a car mount if the magnets are strong enough to hold the phone upright.

What am I missing here? Anyone else feel the same way? Wondering if this is a one hit wonder which Apple will eventually sunset with future phones. Set me straight everyone if you are a fan.
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