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Mail delivery delays in queues

By HBB ·
server OS = MS 2000 SP4 (all updates)
Exchanges = MSexchange 2000 SP2 (all updates)

Spam messages sit in queues too long delaying delivery of other messages to that domain.

Messages in the queues have an icon on the left which appears to be a yellow envelope incorporating a white circle with a small red square in the bottm LH corner of the envelope.

Messages with this icon seem to stay in the queue for too long thereby preventing delivery of other messages to that domain.

Eventually they disappear.
Is there any way to stop this holding pattern.
Could server memory be a contributing factor? It needs upgrading but other circumstances prevent this for another 12 months.

Many thanks in anticipation

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by ICB's corner In reply to Mail delivery delays in q ...

You can manually remove messages from queues with enumerate and delete. Use filter option to drop spam (put @domain in filter).

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by HBB In reply to Mail delivery delays in q ...

Thanks to ICB but i already use the enumerate and delete options but when it seems to be on a daily basis i am looking for a more permanent solution.
As with all spam they never seem to come from the same domain so filtering by domain is not satisfactory or am i missing the point here.

We are also running a spam filter and taking out over 3000 a day but a few still get through which seem to cause a problem.

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by curlergirl In reply to Mail delivery delays in q ...

Most of the time I've found this to be caused by the configuration of how the server handles Non-Delivery notices. If you have your server configured to send non-deliverable notices, then every time a spam message gets through that is addressed to an email address that doesn't actually exist on your server, your server will attempt to send a non-delivery message. This is probably what is building up in your queues, because the non-delivery messages have no place to go, due to the fact that the original email address of the spam email is also non-existent. The server then keeps trying to deliver these messages (which are actually non-delivery reports) until they finally expire, usually in 2-3 days. The only way I've found to stop this absolutely is to configure the server not to send non-delivery messages.

This setting is in Exchange System Manager under Global Settings/Internet Mail Format, right-click Default, go to Properties and click the Advanced tab.

This should not, however, prevent delivery of other messages to the same domain, because they will be retried at every interval as well. Are you actually seeing other messages being held up because of this?

Hope this helps!

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by HBB In reply to Mail delivery delays in q ...

Thanks to Curlergirl for a feasable explanation.
Yes I am experiencing a hold up of other emails due to this problem however the only messages which are delayed are mesages being delivered to the same domain as that of a problem email.

If a message is attempted to be delivered to a domain which does not have a blocked queue that message is delivered without incident.
It appears that a spam mail might block several queues as it is trying to go to several domains.

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