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By mslonecker ·
I am creating a mail merge that will be printed on a 3 section sheet of paper. These secetions will be inserted into a window envlope and display the address. When I merge the data source the same information is repeated in each section of the paper. Is there a way to get each section to print the next record? The data source is a text file.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Mail Merge

Import the txt file to Excel and then use the directions here:

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by mslonecker In reply to Mail Merge

I am not able to get this to work. I already have the main document and data source all set to go. I am able to merge the text file to my main document, which is a three-secretion form. Is there a way to merge a different record to each section of this form? This form is going to be used by another user and I need to keep it easy.

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by bschaettle In reply to Mail Merge

Yes. If I understand correctly, you want to be able to cut the three sections apart and insert one section into each envelope. So, what you have here is essentially a very large "mailing label".

On the Word menubar,
click on Tools
then Envelopes and Labels
then the Options button
then the New Label button
and create a custom "label" that has dimensions such that only three fit on a sheet of paper.

This should do what you want. Good luck.

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by Dreamboat1 In reply to Mail Merge

I'm not sure if you've got your answer yet, but you will need to have a "Next Record" field in front of the 2nd and 3rd sets of merge fields. See this article, please:

Whenever you want multiple records on a page, you must have Next Record in front of the 2nd and subsequent records.

I hope this helps!
~Anne troy

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by kees.valkenswaard In reply to Mail Merge


The answers above are close. However, still use mail-merge but select labels. Choose indeed a label type [or make one yourself as a new one] that will give you 3 sections on one piece of paper. It may be handy to use the margins of the label sheet to fit to your normal printer margins. Save that new label sheet for future use. Just proceed and the next record field will be added automatically.
It may look a little bit clumsy to add text and fields to the label box. In there you can edit with the right mouse button. Else close the merge window before the final step. You will see the master document with the 3 section as cells in a table. You can edit that and resume the mail-merge afterwards.
Always merge to a new document first, check it and only once it is OK start printing that new document.
Just one other tip. Make sure to have a hard return at the end of your text, else the last line may look a little bit unusual.
Good Luck.

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by Lord Foul In reply to Mail Merge

I gather you are using Word XP/2003. Activate the mail merge toolbar and on the toolbar is an icon that says: Propogate labels. Click this to solve your problemo.


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