Mail merge Excel figures into Word docs - keeping two decimal places

By 5foot1 ·
When mail merging $ figures from an Excel spreadsheet into a Word based mail merge, I find that sometimes my dollar figures change from two decimal places on the spreadsheet to about 15 decimal places in Word. How do I ensure that that the figures in my spreadsheet are duplicated correctly in my Word merge? Thanks.

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Overcome Excel to Word mailmerge number format problems

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Mail merge Excel figures ...
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How to merge excel files into one

by amandamaomao In reply to Mail merge Excel figures ...

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Here is the solution

by sccaatom2 In reply to Mail merge Excel figures ...

The formatting is lost when you bring the field over from Excel. Insert your field in Word then use Alt + F9 to reveal the merge code . It will look like {Mergefield Cost} Left click after the name of the field(in this example cost) and before the right brace. Put a backslash and then a quotation mark, then a dollar sign, Then a pound sign followed by a period followed by two more pound signs and end the quotation mark. It should look like this: {Mergefield Cost\"$#.##"} Then use Alt + F9 again to return to the document. Preview your merge and you should be finished. You may have to go forward one record and then back to force it onto the current merge record That should end your problem. The same thing happens when you merge from Access into Word.

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Reponse To Answer

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After 2 & 1/2 years, the OP probably gave up. So, instead of waking a
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