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Mail Merge using Excel Data

By mdbiggar ·
I have an excel spreadsheet where I have mulitple e-mail addresses for each contractor. When I set up a mail merge in word, if there are multiple e-mail addresses listed it ignores them all and does not send that contractor an e-mail at all. Does anyone know how to handle this without listing the contractor multiple times in the spreadsheet for each e-mail address?

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Well, There are two parts to your question.
1. It does not send any mail to the contractor that has multiple e-mail address in excel sheet.
Answer: If the email address are seprated by a seprator (e.g. , or that your email program recognize, then it will send an email to at least one email address (most probabily the last one.)

2. You would like the emails to be sent to all the email address for that contractor.
Answer: there is no direct way for working this out except thta you will have to make multiple entry for the contractors that have multiple email address.
The reason behind this is this. The mail merge functionality make one mail per row (or record) in the Datasource (for you it is excel). Hence it does not send mutiple mails for multiple email addresses.

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