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Mail merge using Excel data

By janfromct ·
I have various Excel tables of address information with the Zip Code column formatted correctly (special). When I do a mail merge in Word using these tables, any zip codes that start with 0 (zero) are displayed incorrectly in the merge document. The zero is dropped and I end up with a 4-digit zip code. I've tried formatting the cells as Text, but it still happens. It's a real problem for me as I live in New England where ALL the Zip Codes start with 0.

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by amanabala In reply to Mail merge using Excel da ...

I tried to replicate your issue but I could not. Zipcodes starting with 0 did showup correctly. If you can send the excel and word document, I will try to resolve your issue.

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by misscrf In reply to Mail merge using Excel da ...

I figured out how to fix this, now let's see if I can explain the answer. hahahaha.

When you have the merge field in word, you can select it and hit alt+F9. This will show its code, including any "switches" You can look up switches in word help to get an idea of how they work. It look me a while to get the right switch that fixes this.

Here is the example of what I did:
{MERGEFIELD "zip" \#0####}

the switch itself is: \#0####
The rest is the merge field code. If you do this, it will display a number of 5 digits long, and start it with a 0.

Just to be sure, In excel, I formatted the zip field as a custom field, and placed 00000 in the format field.

This worked for me when I tested, so I hope it works for you!

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by leighserth In reply to Mail merge using Excel da ...

I have the same problem except that I have a large mail merge list with both New England zips and many more that don't start with "0". If you have all 0 starting zips all you have to do is type a 0 in front of the {{zip}} field in your label layout document. This puts a 0 in front of all zips in your merged document. Hope it works for you. I, on the other hand, need my zips to come over from Excel correctly since I have both types of zips. So, I still need a solution....

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by mslizny In reply to Mail merge using Excel da ...

The "special" Zip Code formatting in Excel does not convert properly in the Word document. Use "Format, Cells" to format Zip Codes as Text, this is something Word can use.

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by DKlippert In reply to Mail merge using Excel da ...

Choose DDE as the merge protocol

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