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    Mail Merge using Excel Data


    by mdbiggar ·

    I have an excel spreadsheet that lists all of my contractors. Many have multiple e-mail addresses. When I try to do a mail merge in Word to an e-mail using the excel sheet as a data source, it ignores the rows that have multiple e-mail addresses listed. I have tried separating the data in the spreadsheet using semi colons, colons, commas, etc. and this does not work. Is there any way to format the data so that word will not ignore it and hopefully send to all email addresses without making each unique e-mail address a separate row within the excel document. This work around will render the spreadsheet useless for my other tasks. I am using Office 2002. Help please!

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      2 ways

      by razz2 ·

      In reply to Mail Merge using Excel Data

      I think that either of these may work but I would have to
      try it. I did try your issue in excel 2003 with no problem,
      but I may be mis-understanding the layout.

      1. Try putting a single quote infront of the data in excel
      as that will make it all a text string.

      2. Seperate the data in excel into seperate columns,
      BUT so it does mess up your other tasks create a new
      column that jions all of those cells into one.


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