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    Mail originated outside organization


    by fred fillis ·

    I see the following message embedded in a lot of emails (Exchange Server 5.5 under NT).

    *** WARNING ***

    This mail has originated outside your organization,
    either from an external partner or the Global Internet.
    Keep this in mind if you answer this message.

    The message is not in all emails. I can receive two emails from the same address / same machine and one will have the message and one won’t. For many outside senders I get no warning message.

    I can’t seem to identify where this warning is being applied and under what conditions.

    Does anyone have any idea where this is coming from and how could I modify or disable it.

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      Reply To: Mail originated outside organization

      by robgwilcox ·

      In reply to Mail originated outside organization

      You will need to do some further testing on this to work out where the mail is having this stamped.

      Firstly for the ones with it, look at the message headers, and see if they travel the same route through your organisation.

      How complex is your organisation, does it have multiple inbound email gateways?

      This could be the IMC extensions in Exchange 5.5, which can be used to add a standard disclaimer to mails.


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