Mail Proxy... At least thats what i think I want...

By Dumphrey ·
Here is the situation. My mother and grandfather share a dial up connection for Internet access. My grandfather is receiving around 125 spam a day. Needless to say, it takes a bit on dial up, and then he has to sort through it for real mail.
What I would like to do is configure a Linux based mail proxy using spam assassin etc to dial in and download his email, filter the spam, and then he can point his email client at the proxy to get his email. It would be nice to have the dial up and check mail feature automated. they have a dedicated Internet/fax line, so it would be no problem to schedule it to dial in and check every few hours. I will need to set up a 2 computer LAN for this, but thats just a switch and a couple 3 foot cables. Has anyone built a system like this before? Any suggestions?
Linux is not a requirement, but free is.
At some point ths summer I will be wireing them with cat 5 and a switch with the intent of getting them on DSL instead of Dial up. So I should plan any mail filter for this set up as well. With DSL I assume I can just filter pop3 with a gateway?

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