Mail Queue is increasing in Sendmail running on SuSE linux

By harjit ·
WE are running sendmail on SuSe Linux 8.0. Since last month MailQ is increasing. Some mailQ is showing with this(<&gt sign and some are MAILER Dameon. Sendmail process are increasing and resultant slow mail.

what is the reason and what action we should take?

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Sounds as if you have a Bulk Mailing Worm Infection

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Mail Queue is increasing ...

Inside your Network. You'll need to see where the mail is originating from to shut down the problem machine/s and repair them as required.


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Sendmail mailq increasing

by harjit In reply to Sounds as if you have a B ...

We are already checking but not getting the information from Virus defination server. More than 1000 nodes are there. How to check the infected m/c from sendmail server?

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Can you look at the mail that is being qued

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Sendmail mailq increasing

And find out where it's originating from.

Depending on what's happening you may not be able to do this as it may disguise the sender and you'll have to go digging though with a 1K node LAN you should be able to narrow down which part of the LAN has higher than normal traffic on it. It will be a bit slower that way but at least you should be able to work back to one of the smaller subsections to find the machine causing the problem.

I know that it's painful but then again if the End Users did as they where told to do we wouldn't get to have any fun would we?


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