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    Mail Theft Solutions -The Combatants of Identity Theft


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      Is Your Mail Security Important To You? It Is To The U S Postal Service

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      The United States Postal Service places a great deal of importance on the safety of the mail they process. Not only does this cover the processing and delivery of the mail, but also the boxes in which it is deposited. To that end, delivery is only possible to USPS approved mailboxes. Nevertheless, just because a particular design has received the approval of the USPS, doesn’t mean that it can provide foolproof protection to its contents.

      Keeping the mail secure is extremely important. Whether it’s a bank statement or a credit card bill, the mail contains countless pieces of personal information that can be used in a criminal way. As safe as the mail is during transit, once it is deposited into a mailbox, it is vulnerable and easily accessible. The use of USPS approved locking mailboxes is an important step to stay secure from identity theft.

      Protecting one’s mail requires a proactive approach. As identity theft cases continue to skyrocket in the United States, simply hoping that you won’t be the next victim falls far short of taking the necessary preventive steps. Instead, purchasing a secure and USPS approved mailbox, is the ideal solution to keeping your personal information secure.

      In truth, simply having a lock on your mailbox will only provide a certain level of protection. My dad has always told me, ?Son, a lock only keeps an honest person out.? Criminals intent on getting the information within are more than capable of breaking in with a baseball bat or even explosives if necessary. It is therefore important that the USPS approved locking mailbox selected is capable of withstanding a forced entry.

      The CurbVault? is the most effective theft-proof mailboxes. Its 1/8-inch steel plating is nearly indestructible, guaranteeing that personal information contained within won’t get into the wrong hands. The CurbVault? is built in two layers. The first of these is smaller, and can be easily accessed by anyone: this is the outgoing mail slot. The second employs a drop box mechanism to allow mail to enter, but it makes unlawful retrieval of mail very difficult indeed. The only easy way to get the mail out of the CurbVault’s? 3,200 sq. in. interior shaft is to use the special rear-lock door. The CurbVault? comes in a variety of colors and can be installed wherever one might put a regular mailbox. It is designed with features such as rain channels, mildew-resistant exterior and rust-resistant hinges. Installation is fast and easy; it doesn’t require a concrete base to be secure. To learn more about The CurbVault?, contact Mail Theft Solutions, Inc., at 1-866-990-MAIL, otherwise via the web site at:

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