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    Mailbox size on Exchange Server 2003


    by twtanner ·

    I am not sure i under stand how to tell the true size of a Exchange Server2003 mailbox.
    If i look at the Priv1.edb file it reporting its size at 14,833,272kb and if i go into the ESM and go to the server, open the mailbox store, and then mailboxes i see all the mailboxes and sizes. If i were to (and of course if did!)to say tally all the mailbox sizes up should they not represent a number CLOSE to the Priv1.EDB, right?
    Mine is not, the total came to 7,716,xxx (I rounded up and dropped the last 3 digits we are talking 28 mailboxes here at max that would only explain 28K kb of difference)

    The stm files as follows… Priv1.stm 2,492,424
    it worries me that one set of numbers tell a story that the exchange server will shut down at any given moment (Exchange 2003 Standard and the 16GB Limit) and the others are telling me to Relax. what am i not seeeing here??

    Thanks for any help you can be!

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      by twtanner ·

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      Go with the total in MDBDATA folder

      by mpace ·

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      Priv1.edb + Priv1.stm make up the size of the info store. This is the number that you need to be looking at. The reason that the numbers from ESM aren’t adding up is because the amount of white space that is in the store. You get white space when users delete mail. This space is allocated and not gained back until you do an offline defrag. You should upgrade to service pack 2, so you can easily reach the max of 75 gb with a simple reg hack.

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