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Mails come to exchange but not found in the personal folder

By Seisa ·
Dear all

we have exchange server 2003,outlook 2003, gfi mail essential and mail security.
the problem is that some mails don't reach the personal folder although on the mail server logs, the email successfully deliverd to the store of the user. this happens with only one domian, and nothing was filterd by gfi.


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store of the user?

by The Listed 'G MAN' In reply to Mails come to exchange bu ...

Not sure what you mean as the store is of the entire set of mailboxes on the server. Mailbox Store. Perhaps they are ending up in a spam folder or rejected by the server. Is it setup to accept mail for for this second domain?

Do the users all have valid email addresses for this second domain?

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We were receiving from them before

by Seisa In reply to store of the user?

In the past, that domain was categorized before as blacklisted but we added it to the whitelist, then we were recieving mails .
But from few days we didn't get any mail,
non of the recipients found any mail from them.
I searched the exchange server logs that shows that the mail is deliverd to the recipeints mailbox store.

Then I removed the domain from the whitlist,and according to the gfi configuration, the mail supposed to be qurantined and forwared to me,but i didn't recvieve this forwared.
the gfi logs shows that it forwared the mail to me, and the exchange logs shows that the forwarded mail reached my mailbox store but i didn't receive anything.

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Any filtering / antispam on the exchange box at all?

by The Listed 'G MAN' In reply to We were receiving from th ...
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Can you explain your question more

by Seisa In reply to Any filtering / antispam ...

The GFi is an antispam application, so it scan all incoming outgoing emials, but i didn't find any log saying that these mails were blocked.

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Silly question ...

by Churdoo In reply to Mails come to exchange bu ...

... but have you checked the Junk Mail folder in Outlook?

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Of course...

by Seisa In reply to Silly question ...
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Consider this...

by pdxnerdy In reply to Mails come to exchange bu ...

Looks like SMTP is being blocked by the firewall. Adding SMTP in the exceptions list can smooth out the flow of the mail delivery from your Exchange Server.

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