Mails stuck in the queues

By kmasri ·
lots of mails get stuck in exchange queues and when I check the status of the mails some of them the status is retry and the other queued.

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Which queue?

by bart777 In reply to Mails stuck in the queues

Which queue are the mails hanging in?

Some mail may hang in the outbound queue if the server is not working correctly at the other end. This will happen sometimes when users reply to bogus SPAM.

Where is your mail stuck?

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smtp queue

by kmasri In reply to Which queue?

the mails stuck in the SMTP Queues and its very slow. locally I dont have an issue but External is the issue.

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Diagnose your SMTP traffic

by AruJammer In reply to smtp queue

This site can help u with your problem, see what the probleem really is and post it back on the forum

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by kmasri In reply to Diagnose your SMTP traffi ...

Banner: 220 *****************************************
Connect Time: 0 seconds - Good
Transaction Time: 1.016 seconds - Good
Relay Check: OK - This server is not an open relay.
Rev DNS Check: Reverse DNS FAILED! This is a problem.
GeoCode Info: Geocoding server is unavailable
Session Transcript:
250 Requested mail action okay, complete [250 ms]
250 Requested mail action okay, complete [266 ms]
550 Relaying denie [234 ms]
221 Closing connectio [250 ms]

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Ok, first things first.

by bart777 In reply to SMTP

You want to get with you internet provider and have them enter a reverse DNS entry for your domain.

Many companies these days will bounce mail if they cannot determine a reverse DNS on your mail server. That's more or less a standard now.

After that you might want to take a look at some of the mail in this queue. Where is it going to? Does it look like outbound SPAM? If so you may have an infected machine on the network that is filling the queue with garbage. If they are legitimate you can look at the destinations and perhaps talk to an admin there. Have them help you do some testing. Lastly take a look and see if your domain has been blacklisted.

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Thanks its working

by kmasri In reply to Ok, first things first.

thank you it is now working fine.

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