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    Mailserver on RH linux 6.1


    by r_prakasan ·

    I have a probelm sending & receiving mail through Linux mailserver. When i am trying to connect to the mailserver, it always gives an error ‘mailserver not responding’. I can connect to the linux machine through telnet and i can access the files available in linux machine. i am connecting to the net is through a router, which is configured in the novell server. I can send the mail though linux machine. But when i am sending the mail from the client, it is lying on the linux machine itself, it is not got delivering to the target.

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      Mailserver on RH linux 6.1

      by andresen ·

      In reply to Mailserver on RH linux 6.1

      first make sure that the mail transfer agent (sendmail or ?) is running. Next make sure that pop3 is loading, check in the /etc/inetd.conf file for a line that edns with ipop3 and make sure it is not commented out ( no # sign at start of line)if it is remove the # sign and restart the inet services or reboot the server
      hope this helps

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      Mailserver on RH linux 6.1

      by anp04 ·

      In reply to Mailserver on RH linux 6.1

      First check for two things:

      telnet to port 25 of your LINUX machine.
      if it gives a SMTP banner, then the port 25 is available and sendmail daemon is running. if this does not appear, login as root and try

      sendmail -bd -q 30 (see man page for details)

      Then telnet to port 110. If it gives a banner for POP -3, then your pop-3 is also available.

      If both the above criteria satisfy, there is no problem in your LINUX machine.

      if any one of the criteria is missing, open /etc/inetd.confand uncomment the lines meant for SMTP and POP-3, as the case may be.
      on the LINUX machine, login as root and try
      killall -HUP inetd

      Even if the problem remains unresolved, then there is a problem with your mail-client (and it is mail-client dependent). Either you send me the details of the mail-client for complete resolution, or you can use PINE/elm mail-clients for checking mails. These mail-clients are available on LINUX and can be accessed by simple telnet.

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