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    Maintain session state with SQL Server


    by maryweilage ·

    This week’s .NET e-newsletter discusses using SQL Server to maintain session state.

    Do you use SQL Server to maintain session state? If not, do you think you will after reading this tip? Please let us know.

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      Web Farm Scenario

      by ashishm ·

      In reply to Maintain session state with SQL Server

      I guess using this method, even if I use Session Object my application will maintain state in WebFarm scenario??

      Also does this data goto database on execution of Session(“Key”) = “Value” statement?

      Thanks and Regards,

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        I was going to ask…

        by zkent ·

        In reply to Web Farm Scenario

        I was about to ask the same question regarding load balanced web servers. It seems to me that if the web server maintains state then you could loose that “connection” if subsequent requests go to a different server than the original request. Am I correct or is the ASP technology smarter than that? I am using Windows 2003 Web Edition, BTW.

        My particular application is database intensive and all web servers access the database server for normal operation anyway, so I dont think that the additional performance hit brought about by SQL managed state is going to be noticed at all. Plus it seems like database managed state would be easier to trouble shoot in a web farm environment.

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