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    Maintaining Internet Connectivity Should the Server Go Down.


    by johnacerra ·

    Hello and thank you in advance!

    This is a new one for me and I hope its a stupid (and thusly easily answerable)question.

    I installed and configured a new server and domain for a client. It is Windows 2003 Server Premium Edition R2. DNS and DHCP are both installed and giving IP addresses and DNS#’s to the network. All workstations can access the Iternet.

    The router, a SonicWall TZ 170, is installed with its own DHCP server turned off. I have the server pointing to the router as the gateway device.

    Everything appears to be working correctly. The customer wants to ensure that Internet connectivity amongst the workstations is maintained should the server go down. This is a new one for me, considering if the server went down THAT should be the immediate concern. It is a “live” environment and I cannot really “test” too much without risking downtime. I went so far as to manually enter IP addresses and DNS#’s (the server’s as well as into the XP network properties on a few of the workstations, to no avail. –These workstations also lost the Internet on a server reboot.

    Any suggestions?


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      by johnacerra ·

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      What is the internet connection?

      by naughtymonkey ·

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      Are you using NAT? What is performing it? How many public IP addresses are there? As long a s you have the router set to perform NAT and be the default gateway, you can add an alternate configuration on the workstations so they can fail to that. You would also need an external DNS entry.

      If the server is just running DNS and DHCP, you can set one DNS to an external and everything will work fine if the server goes down for a while. If they try to renew their DHCP settings, then you will have a problem.

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