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    Major crash, please help


    by jesse_1234 ·

    I recently returned home booted up my computer and everything seemed fine until my computer crashed displaying a blue screen before imidiately going to a screen saying please insert some floppy boot disk which was total locked up anyways. After turning off the computer I found that the monitor wouldnt turn on. I opened it up checked everything, nothing wrong. Tried a different graphics card, no monitor; switched back, no monitor. THe blue screen had been displayed 2-3 times before which was remedied by just rebooting but now it does nothing. I have my thoughts on whats wrong but with school starting in a week I need this fixed asap and since money is tight and time is a major factor any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      by jesse_1234 ·

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      Too many words for too little information …

      by older mycroft ·

      In reply to Major crash, please help

      What is the make and model of your computer?

      What operating system are you running?

      Can you remember what the Blue Screen actually told you? What was the message displayed?

      What are these ‘different’ graphics cards?

      What are your thoughts on what’s wrong?

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      RE: [i]some floppy boot disk which was total locked up anyways

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Major crash, please help

      What was the exact message as I’m officially lost by this bit.

      [i]After turning off the computer I found that the monitor wouldn’t turn on[/i]

      What are you actually saying here that the Monitor wouldn’t turn on or that it didn’t display anything?

      If it’s not turning on check the Power Lead for the correct connection and that it actually has power to it from the socket and then replace the Power Switch on the monitor if it is still not turning on. When you turn on any monitor the LED on the Front Panel should light up normally to either Green or Yellow.

      [i]I opened it up checked everything, nothing wrong.[/i]

      What exactly did you open up here the Monitor which is the way that I read what you have posted here or the computer itself?

      [i]Tried a different graphics card, no monitor; switched back, no monitor.[/i]

      Here I’m assuming that you are trying to say that the monitor didn’t get any display not that you changed the Video Card and didn’t connect a Monitor then changed back to the original Video Card and still failed to attach the monitor. Is that correct?

      [i]THe blue screen had been displayed 2-3 times before which was remedied by just rebooting but now it does nothing[/i]

      What message/s where these Blue Screens telling you?

      Much more importantly how did you remedy the Blue Screens?

      [i]I have my thoughts on whats wrong but with school starting in a week I need this fixed asap and since money is tight and time is a major factor any help would be greatly appreciated[/i]

      Well if you told us what actually is happening here and not what you think we need to know it would help no end. Unfortunately the SCSI interface for my Crystal Ball broke years ago and I have no idea what you are trying to say here.

      It’s either that the Monitor is failing to display anything or that Windows [i]assuming here that it is some form of Windows because you have mentioned Blue Screens[/i] is not opening. One is completely different to the other and the solutions are completely different as well.

      I’m perfectly willing to try to help

      but we need to know what is happening here, what it is happening to,

      what if any error message you got before it stopped working,

      what you have done to try to rectify this,

      what it is doing now and exactly what it is doing,


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      hello a remote idea about your problem

      by ismail.magued ·

      In reply to Major crash, please help

      hello this is Ismail
      now from what i understand you claim your computer booted to a certain screen.

      what i need to know is

      Is your monitor connected the power correctly
      and does it display an amber light when your boot your pc?

      first of all here is what I want you to do
      reboot your pc again but take note of the following

      Number 1:
      did your boot up display the pre configuration
      and splash screen?

      during which step of the boot up exactly did your pc display a blus screen.

      This is crucial you must read as much of the error message as possible when your pc displays the blue screen

      Do all of the above and get to back to me ASAP

      I must have as much information as possible
      so I can start ruling out possible causes.

      I will be looking for your reply periodically.

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      It sounds like your motherboard has gone……

      by peconet tietokoneet ·

      In reply to Major crash, please help

      A few things you can try:

      1). Unplug ALL devices.
      2). Take out the RAM (memory chips). Now start your computer, you should hear a sound or beeps, if NOT then your motherboard has gone, if you hear the sound or beeps then that is a good sign, so far.

      3). Take off your heatsink and fan and wipe all the gunk off your processor, do the same with the heatsink.
      Put a very, very small amount of thermal paste onto the processor and spread evenly. Now replace the heatsink and fan.

      4). Clean ALL fans of fluff etc.

      5). Get some new RAM (if possible) and just place in just one chip and then do a test boot, hopefully your computer should come to life. If ok then go to step 6. If not then your motherboard is gone.

      6). Replace/connect all cables etc to all hdd’s, dvd drives etc. Now do a test boot and go into your BIOS to make sure that the temperature is ok and then make sure that your DVD drive is the first boot device and then the second boot device is your hdd, then “save and exit”.
      Now if all is well, you should have your computer back. Ohh by the way, i hope you have your data backed up.
      Hope all goes well.

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      Answers to your questions

      by jesse_1234 ·

      In reply to Major crash, please help

      I am running windows xp home on a foxconn NF4SLI7AA mobo with P4 O.C. to 3.3 with 7600 gt 256MB g-card and 2G of PNY RAM. The blue screen it displayed said something about the system shut down so as not to cause damage to the hardware and that if this was the first time this has happened just reboot and if not then contact support for help. The monitor issue was that upon rebooting it wouldn’t come out of sleep mode like it wasn’t recieving any signal for both cards. The other graphics card was an old Integrated graphics thing that came free with the mobo that I tried just to see if it may have been just a graphics card problem or mobo issue. This computer as you can tell is not a badass gaming computer but runs the old classics and contains all my school files so scraping it really isn’t an option.

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        OK then

        by oh smeg ·

        In reply to Answers to your questions

        What is happening when you turn it on?

        Do you have another monitor to check any Video Output from this computer?

        If so does that one produce any form of Display?

        If you turn off the Monitor and restart it what happens tot he Power On LED?

        If you don’t have another monitor can you plug this monitor into another computer to test it’s function?

        I have had several instances of Monitors Failing that can be difficult to pick at first particularly when they stop working when they where being used. So you need to test the Monitor against a Known Good Working computer. Even a Note Book will be sufficient as these have a Video Out Port on them that can be used though it may be necessary to switch the Display to the external Monitor with a Key Combination that is listed in the Users Manual.

        If this is an old monitor it’s possible that it doesn’t have a No Signal Feature to let you know that the monitor is not getting a signal so it’s important to test with a Known Good Computer before doing anything else.

        If the Monitor checks out try replacing the Power Supply as these can give the impression that everything is OK when one of the Voltage Rails has stopped working or has fallen below the threshold of the electronics to compensate.

        In Computer Power Supplies there are several different Voltage Rails and if one of these stops working or has low Voltage or Current that can cause the monitor not to get a display. Many people think that because the Fans Spin and LED’s light that the computer is working when all that means is that one of the 12 V DC Rails has power. Some PS’s have more than 1 12 V DC Rail and all have at least 1 X 5 V DC and 1 X 3 V DC Rail. If any of the l;ow voltage rails stops working then the computer can not work.

        Then finally if the replacing the PS doesn’t cure the problem look at the M’Board as the possible culprit. As this is being overclocked it is possible that the CPU has failed but it’s much more likely that the Power Supply being one of the cheapies has allowed Spikes inside the case and damaged the M’Board.

        You can remove the HDD and fit it to a USB Enclosure to recover your Data if that is important or fit it to a different computer and do a In Place Install Of Windows XP by following the directions here if you wish to continue using a separate computer for this use. You should however Backup all your Important Data just in case something does go seriously wrong and a HDD fails. If that where to happen and you needed to recover your Data it can easily exceed $60,000.00 US to do just that and even then there are no Guarantees that everything will be recovered.


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