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Major Flaws in Major Websites

By Dr Dij ·
I've run into problems where major websites have problems. I'm curious as to what other websites have major and minor problems that don't go unfixed. Have you seen this happen on sites you've visited? Are they responsive to fixing the problems?

Here's some I've encountered., the major online bookseller.
type in microstrategy in search box.
18,346 results come up. None of which contain 'Microstrategy'. you can search for 'micropoop' and get 3,762 hits, non of which...
I tried repeatedly reporting via online forms and calling also, they have ignored fixing this.

Another one is mapquest. I typed in zip 90275 and it came up with a city in Mexico also. Just tried it today and seems to have been fixed. (without me reporting it) had a problem - it would change what you searched for into what it thought might be similar. I reported it to this and their tech support told me I could use quotes to keep it exact (and this worked; does not work on books site).

I see broken links on sites regularly; But on, on brand new articles!? They may have deleting the article as I could not find the link after refresh.

I also get java source code garbage coming up sometimes.. Here's computerworld main page on 2007-04-11; refresh cured this; they have broken links regularly too.
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Resin Professional 3.0.18 (built Fri, 24 Feb 2006 09:15:12 PST)

Information week had a page corner pull down ad that had an 'x' to close it which did not work. It covered good part of the beginning of articles. I had to leave the site because I could not read the articles. They've fixed this.

Another major computer site was only site I had open when probably an ad rotator triggered our corporate version of major AV program, saying trying to save known virus file on c: drive.

One TR poster a while back said ad rotators regularly infected PCs at his workplace.

My supposition is that some web sites / technologies have become too complex to be reliable.

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