Major graphics problems

By alan_anderson01 ·
Hi all,

I'm looking for some help.

I am currently running a Dell Dimension 8300 desktop (4 years old!)

I decided to try souping up the graphics.

The card is a Nvidia 7300 GT by PNY.

I also upgraded the PSU. However I have had alot of problems. I will list the steps I have taken -

First I ran the card with a new 350w CHEAP psu. This worked fine for 2-3 hours of gaming before the display corrupted and froze.

After this whenever I tried booting with the new card I would get slight glitches on the windows boot screens (some horizontal white lines/dots).

The PC would get to the windows login then display a bunch of black and white stripes.

I figured a high end PSU would fix this problem, so I invested in a 500w 'Bluestorm II'.

I still get exactly the same errors on booting, the glitches are even in the same location on the screen every time. However I am now able to login to windows;

...only now wherever I move the cursor tiny little red/grey lines appear, then the graphics will start to crash.

I have updated my graphics drivers and even the BIOS.

Is this most likely a hardware or software problem?

If it could be a driver problem, should I format the HDD?

I don't think the card is damaged as it will display things ok for a while then starts to corrupt.

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disabled on-board VGA?

by ashij In reply to Major graphics problems

Hi! Alan, first question that popped into my mind was this: was the old VGA on-board? if yes, then, did you disable your onboard VGA before booting up with the new one? try this.

Next, try logging into safe mode if you can. Disable old VGA drivers, restart and then try.


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Hardware failure on video card

by mjd420nova In reply to Major graphics problems

I've seen this problem before and it was the video card that failed. The fault was traced to the power supply causing the card to fail. When the power supply was not able to provide the needed voltage it drew extra current to make up for the drop in voltage and the chips couldn't take it and failed.

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Card failure?

by alan_anderson01 In reply to Hardware failure on video ...

Thanks for the replies guys.

Ash - I was previously using a Nvidia 5200 for my display, not an onboard card. By VGA drivers do you mean the display drivers for the card? Or something serperate?

MJD - I was a little worried I might have damaged the card. Do you think this could have happened so quickly?

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EXcess current delivered to your 7300 is like . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Card failure?

Lightning hitting you yourself.

Neither of them hang around long, but DO happen rather quickly.

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Card replaced

by alan_anderson01 In reply to EXcess current delivered ...

I took my card back and got a replacement.

I'm surprised to hear the card could be damaged by receiving insufficient watts, but there ya go.

Thanks for the replies guys

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