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Major Help

By adminmichael ·
I have a really really really old laptop thats just laying around and i want to get it running an os just for testing, it has xp on it 10gb hard drive and 256 mb of ram i just want to use it to run scripts on it so i dont reck my other computers that make this one look like junk! My problem is i cant boot from usb and ive tried to run an install from a partitioned drive but i can back track or downgrade my os becuse it says.... cannot intsall becuase your os is newer than the install can someone help me?

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That's typical of Windows

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Major Help

You can not install an Older OS to a Patched version of the same OS.

If you have a recovery Partition on the drive in this unit try booting from the Recovery Partition and running the complete Install Routine. Of course after you do this you'll need to install some type of AV product and update.

If you don't have a Recovery Partition stick a CD into the Optical Drive and boot off that to install whatever OS you want to use here. But you Can not install Windows from Inside Windows so you need to Boot off whatever it is you want to use as a Install Source.


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Reponse To Answer

by adminmichael In reply to That's typical of Windows

cannot boot from usb and no optical drive only source is to boot from a usb or the physical disk and no recovery lol.... it gives me the option to boot from removable media but when i do that it dosnt seem to load the os thats on the removable disk such as a usb or an external cd/dvd drive with the original cd in the drive. Any ideas?

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Have an External USB drive?

by markp24 In reply to Major Help

Hi a few things you can do

Format the hard drive (after backing up what you want to keep)
if you dont want to delete them then try
1)rename all the boot files on the hard drive (config.sys, ntldr, autoexec.bat, msdos.sys, etc
2) rename the windows folder and program files folders
3) rename the win.exe to win.old

try rebooting and installing again.

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