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Major Project

By ccthompson ·
I have this plan, and I thought it would wise to throw it out there to the greatest tech website in the world to hear a few opinions. First we start with what we got.

A bunch of Windows 98 computers that are crapy at best. A Comdial Phone system. Two seperate locations connected with Linksys Routers.

Where we are going:

All new Dell PCs. Cisco Call Manager Express VoIP Phone system. Cisco Swiches, a wireless bridge between the two locations. And a whole new inventory software to implement.

So anyway, what are your opinions on the way im setting this up? Too much too soon, or just the perfect fit to keep up with the times.

We are a small company, about 20 people, but only about 14 computers. Split right in half between locations.

Thanks for your input

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Consider some objectives/goals

by JamesRL In reply to Major Project

Who decided to upgrade - what were their reasons? That will give you a clue as to how to proceed.

I certainly would not recommend a hard cut of old to new all at once. You have a number of "sub" projects to deal with:

1. New PCs
2. New switches
3. New bridge
4. New phone system
5. New software

I would not attempt 5 until 1,2,and 3 are complete and stable. 4 is probably dependant on 2 and 3. So now you have a reasonable guide to how to order your project. This doesn't mean you can't be working on all 5 at once, but you don't want to plan to deliver all 5 at once.

1. is the easiest, least disruptive. It can be done overnight, or gradually - ask the management which they think is better for them.

2 and 3 are things that should be done after hours. Ideally you can test it at night and revert back if there are any problems - the goal here would to have it be transparent to the users.

4 is high impact - people depend on reliable phones. Best done on a weekend. Better to do it after you know the network is stable.

5. - Don't underestimate how long it takes to implement new software. You have to consider training and other factors. If you don't have experience implementing new software, find someone who has. This is a go slow and cautious and do it right the first time situation.

Thats just a few quick notes. Hope it helps.


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Good point

by ccthompson In reply to Consider some objectives/ ...

Thats a good reply, thanks for the input. The way you laid it out was the sort of my plan all along, except for the software, it is already in place.

But only one department is currently using it, and they already have new machines. And the software is on a new server.

It is a department specific program, but it also does inventory. Therefore, I figured I would wait to import our inventory until the new machines arrive.

Thanks again!

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If you're going to turn the company upside down and shake it

by gene.fellner In reply to Major Project

Then why don't you go all the way and upgrade to Macintosh? Yeah I know it's more expensive yatta yatta. I also know you get what you pay for. There are plenty of Mac geeks around so the argument about no support or nobody to write your software is bogus.

I really hate to see Windows taking over the world just because of inertia. "It's already there so why fight it?" The people in Russia said the same thing about communism and eventually they had no choice but to dig their way out of it.

The human race is doomed if it really believes that it will be able to create an "information infrastructure" on Windows platforms. An "infrastructure" is supposed to be something you can take for granted, never think about, not need to know anything at all about how it works. Like plumbing and highways, you rarely need the help of an expert and you never have to try to fix it yourself. We're not even getting close to that with Windows.

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by ccthompson In reply to If you're going to turn t ...

I dont know about switching to MAC, I was trained in Windows and Windows Server Infrastructures. I would be lost in the MAC world. And the time and moeny it would take to bring me up to speed would not be fesible at this time.

Thanks for the post!

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