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    Majors Choose IBM Mainframes to Support Crucial Business Operations


    by maintec ·

    Nearing the end of yet another year in the IT world, we take a step back and look at the sudden rise in demand of IBM Mainframes in 2011 and its two important collaborations with Payment Solutions Provider (PSP) and Equens Italia.
    Industry leader in financial transaction processing, Payment Solutions Provider (PSP) chose IBM System z to power it???s feature of payment processing. After having ruled out the infrastructure from major players like HP and Oracle on the grounds of lack of security and PCI compliance standards, PSP zeroed in on System z for its accountability and infrastructural stability. Apart from System z??? compliance standards, it is also it???s scalability that has given IBM mainframes an edge over it???s contemporaries. The PSP and System z alliance has resulted in solutions for secure ATM transactions and credit card, ensuring 99.999% availability in service.

    The first quarter of 2011 witnessed the coming together of IBM System z and Equens Italia, a leading provider of back end processing management and ATM/Point of Sale authorization in Italy. With the usage of System z, Equens Italia is expected to strengthen it???s capabilities in back up, disaster recovery and business continuity. The system resource consolidation has minimized the operational, labour and energy expenses for Equens Italia.

    These two consolidations mark the increase in acceptance of mainframes and IBM mainframes in specific. Having traced its path from the being called just accounting machines and dumb terminals, the Big Iron has strengthened it???s foothold by growing in the mission-critical, high volume transactional environment. The mainframe equips them by enabling them to cater to high-end transactions in several ways.

    ??? Dependable platform for high end transactions
    ??? Efficiently handle the associated costs and large scale transactions
    ??? Immediate in customer response
    ??? Facilitates service continuity to customers
    ??? Maximum security and availability in financial transactions
    ??? Flexibility and rapidity in operation of new application
    ??? Ensures utmost efficiency through standardised business functions
    As per the predictions of IT doomsayers, the mainframe systems were to have bid farewell to its existence in this era. However, despite the odds, IBM???s persistent efforts to restructure and remodel their systems to suit the needs and requirements of changing times have made their systems relevant to the IT scenario at any given point in time. Mainframes have stood the test of time and global business world now realizes that no other computing models can match the reliability, security and availability that mainframes can offer.

    Maintec provides mainframe console operation support from its RNOC based in Bangalore, with capability to monitor z/OS system remotely 24/7.

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