Make a copy of a drive onto dvd's ?

By gary ·
Does anyone know of an app that will make a copy of a drive onto dvd? I want to make a set of DVD's of a fresh OS-install in the event I need to re-store it. In other words, I want to be able to insert the DVD and restore the whole thing without re-installing the OS and drivers.

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a couple possibilities depending on the specific outcome desired

by PresidentMike In reply to Make a copy of a drive on ...

As always you can use ghost. its not free but has a free trial which you can make the initial backup with. for backups and imaging there is also acronis, a program we use regularly at the shop. Unfortunatly acronis is also not free but does have a trial as well.

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More to the story...

by gary In reply to a couple possibilities de ...

I want to use a cd/dvd to start (or boot) the process of cloning a drive from outside of windows. The goal is to offer a copy of dvd's to a client so they can insert the dvd into their system to restore to a fresh os-install of their system. This is not to re-install a generic copy of windows, just for the owner of that machine.

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You might have one slight problem ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to More to the story...

The DVD drive is not self-aware, so you'd need an operating system already running in order to lift all the data from the DVD.

That (I assume) is the general reasoning behind having a restore partition already mounted within the PC's HDD which is not classed as a removable device.

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More info...

by gary In reply to You might have one slight ...

To clarify... I want the DVD's that are created to be bootable and run the install of the backup! This back up is for the restoration of the original computer, nothing else. In other words, I want to give the customer a way to restore the original os-install without having to use their windows disk and then try to find drivers etc. I do not want to have to install their copy of windows again. These disks would only work for the computer they were intended for. Kind of a "re-install a fresh copy of your windows for dummies" for those that are not too much in the loop!

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