make a public folder the default in outlook ?

By dror ·
i want to make my folder that conain a "contact items" that located in my public folder the default contact folder in my outlook 2003. i have an sbs 2003 , with all sp installed, i wanna be able to make my users open them outlook and see the public folder contact in the first view and the default one,
and socend thing : i want to know if there a way to make the personal contact folder of the users to dissapear,maybe with some registry tweak or something thanks a lot

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by retro77 In reply to make a public folder the ...

1.) This is a per user, per profile setting. Go to the PF [public folder] contact list propties and select "show this folder as an e-mail Address Book". Hit ok. Now go to the address book [icon on the toolbar] and go to Tools, Options, Change the search order and also select the PF address book for the default one.

2.) You might be able to Exmerge out the Contact folder. Not sure though. I see you can't right click and delete it. But in that same dialog above, there is the option to store personal contacts in the PF contact list. Then you can ACL the PF contact list to not allow them to add new entries. If thats what you desire.

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Outlook Public Folder Contacts as default....

by kajbjorlin In reply to Ok

...yes that does work for them coming up "as default" when addressing a new email for example. However, is there a way to get them to be the DEFAULT contacts that open when you click your CONTACTS TAB/Section in Outlook 2007?

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Work around to outlook default display of contacts

by Tsarge In reply to Ok

Sorry to bump an old post... but I believe I have a - workaround - rather than a solution. We are using Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007.

We use a public folder to store company wide contacts, setting the public folder as the default list for the address book - as explained earlier by retro77. This has been fine for months - until the question was asked "whether it was possible to set the public folder as the default when you click the contacts button on the OutlookBar?".

After a few hours of browsing it was becoming obvious that a workaround was required for this setup.

I should warn you now... this workaround involves VBA coding and i'll leave it up to you to decide if you are up to using this method. I'm not here to teach or preach VBA... this is just the way I did it.

You will need to: add your public folder to the list of favorites in outlook. You will also need the function GetFolder() from the site <a href=""></a> - this site is a fantastic resource for VBA coding in outlook - many thanks to everyone there for the work they have done for the outlook community.

Using: "ThisOutlookSession" module...

Public WithEvents myOlExp As Outlook.Explorer
Public vbClickFolderName As String

Private Sub Application_Startup()
End Sub

Public Sub Initialize_handler()
Set myOlExp = Application.ActiveExplorer
End Sub

Private Sub myOlExp_SelectionChange()
Dim vbItemFolder, vbFolderPath, vbUserInfo
Dim myOLApp As Outlook.Application
Dim objItem As Outlook.NameSpace

vbFolderPath = Application.ActiveExplorer.CurrentFolder.FolderPath
vbItemFolder = myOlExp.CurrentFolder
Set myOLApp = Outlook.Application
Set objItem = myOLApp.GetNamespace("MAPI")
vbUserInfo = objItem.CurrentUser

If vbFolderPath = "\\Mailbox - " & vbUserInfo & "\Contacts" Then
If vbClickFolderName = "" Then
Set myOlExp.CurrentFolder = GetFolder("Public Folders\Favorites\[insert the name of your public folder]")
vbClickFolderName = myOlExp.CurrentFolder
Exit Sub
End If

If vbClickFolderName <> vbItemFolder Then
Set myOlExp.CurrentFolder = myOlExp.CurrentFolder
vbClickFolderName = ""
End If

End If
End Sub


As with any VBA code - you have to set the security level to allow this code to run... so in that respect - this can be a security issue.

When calling the GetFolder function - PLEASE REMEMBER TO REPLACE [insert the name of your public folder] WITH THE NAME OF YOUR FOLDER...

Also... please note - this is a quick first run of the code... yes, the logic could be thought out a little better - but the code serves the purpose... if I need to later, I will change it. You are more than welcome to change it yourself...

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something isn't working for me...

by computercpr In reply to Work around to outlook de ...

I'm trying to use the code you posted for defaulting to a public contacts folder. I also pasted the block of code from the website you referenced. I just pasted it all inline in the thisoutlooksession code window, and then I updated that one line to refence the correct public folder name. Currently the code isn't doing anything when I click on contacts. It's as if the code isn't even there. Is there something I'm missing in this equation? I'm not the world's most savvy programmer, however I did get my Bachelor's in computer science a few years back so I don't consider myself a total novice (on a relative scale). I'm thinking there might be something within the VB environment of Office that I'm overlooking, but IDK.

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Works Great

by jadams2021 In reply to make a public folder the ...

The code provided above works. I am looking to do the same for a Public Calendar. I added an ElseIF statement for the Calendar. The only problem is, it defaults to the Public Calendar, but also displays the Personal Calendar. Unlike the Contacts where you have switch between the two, Calendars let you display several at the same time. Do you know of a way to solve this issue?

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