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By jtbjustin ·
I am looking to make a windows installation cd (or dvd, or whatever is necessary) that is the full operating system, with all the settings, and with all of my programs preinstalled and configured. Like something you would get from imaging. I have looked at nLite but that does not seem to allow me to preinstall my programs.

So im sure the first answer im going to get to this question is going to be for me to use imaging... Although I have done allot of imaging, I really dont know a whole lot about it (I just know how to use it, I dont really know the behind the scenes) also I have only worked with Novell Zenworks. The problem that I have run into with imaging is as follows:

I start every image I make with the same windows xp installation and the same basic programs. From there I may make branch off images that have specialty software or are specially configured depending on their purpose. So what I have tried to do is make an image of a computer that is loaded with this basic xp configuration, and then download that image to a different model computer so that I dont have to start with a fresh install of windows xp, for each model, for each image I make. Unfortunately when I try to install this image on a different make/model I always get some kind of error (usually inaccessible boot device).

So my overall goal is to make an automated way for me to install windows, all my basic programs, and configure the settings.. and then be able to use this file on any model/make computer.

Thank you in advance!
Justin B.

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by TheChas In reply to Make A Windows Installati ...

The Sysprep utility from Microsoft "might" help you with this. Sysprep helps you configure your Windows image.

However, the problem as you have found is dealing with different drivers for different hardware.

The first step is to have all of the driver files you might need stored on the image where Windows can find them. Then, create your image with minimum hardware installed.

It can also help to boot into safe mode the first time you boot up the imaged computer.


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Re: SysPrep

by jtbjustin In reply to SysPrep

Thank you for your help. The image I am trying to use does have all of the basic drivers for all the models of computers I have in operation. Although the drivers are not installed, I have the files saved for easy access.

I have been told about Sysprep before, although I am not very familiar with it. I have been using the following article as a reference:

Although I am still unsure how to properly use this tool for my situation. Should I use sysprep to set my image to factory mode, then image the new computer, and then use sysprep on that computer to reseal before use?

Thank you for your help.

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