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Make Bootable CD

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I am tried to make bootable cd my own. I couldn't make that work. I tried Nero and Roxio to create bootable CD; it works but it is limited to floppy disk size. Even if i added files my own to cd, it won't be availabe after boot from cd. it seems bootable only sees whatever was in the boot imge.

Is there anybody know how to create own bootable cd? Not using Nero or Roxie..


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did you include

by jdclyde In reply to Make Bootable CD

a boot.ini file?

Are you selecting "make bootable" in options?

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Which version of Windows?

by NI70 In reply to Make Bootable CD

Thread: Make Bootable CD
Tags: windows 98 bootable cd
The above information is from thread & tags section of your post. So, I'm guessing you are wanting a bootable Windows 98 CD? Nero & Roxio will create bootable CD's, you just need the correct files and directories to do so. Have you Googled bootable+CD+Windows 98?

You also have not explained what you are using your bootable CD for. Need more information or take this to the Tech Q&A section.

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Nero 7 Essentials ....Does it **** or is it just my imagination?

by nprcomputers In reply to Make Bootable CD

I too am trying this "new and improved" version ( everything new is turning to sour now we can add Nero to the list of crappy gimmickry?).

In my case I'm trying to boot an old laptop into believing itself capable of handling the new bios. I am still wrestling with the conglomerate corporate piece of crap's ideology of offering a bios that DEMANDS only one option and that is to burn the new bios to a floppy....but duh....the zt1170 that hp put out doesn't even come with a floppy drive!

I feel extorted to hop down to the marketplace but then my conscience reminds me that I'm fasting from consumerism...ever since I found out that our tax money is what gives those rich few at the top the ability to manipulate the minds of the masses via the media and reaping tacit acquiescence to all sorts of ungodliness (Ruby Ridge murders, Waco murders and lawlessness, Patriot's ACT and Homeland "security" ACT's in clear unlawful changing of OUR constitution (which gives us OUR freedoms...did you know they can wiretap at will...kick down your door without a warrant and no longer need probable cause to arrest you? They may not have implemented it in full yet ...they usually do that AFTER the generation has become old and ineffective to protest or until that generation dies out...the next generation will claim it's always been the law and oh well the dead people voted on it so it's a democracy. God we are brainwashed....three buildings come down in NY by what's claimed to be the fire caused by TWO planes and even though no steel structure has EVVVVVVER come down due to fire we're now told (and so believe) that the twin towers (there were three buildings, people...just in case you forgot) all came down in 10 seconds on the same day...what's the damn odds here? Phycisists found thermate /thermite, the controlled demolition agent at the site and the eye-witnesses (people that were there) say there were bombs going off in the buildings but what happened to the media?....oh, who owns the media? People I think when a missile goes through the pentagon in what may have been a silent coup and when we're all told it was a plane without wreckage and body parts that it just might be time to be reading Revelations 17 & 18 to see how they expunge the more than 9 trillion dollar debt they've spent this country into (it's more I know). In the olden days they used to burn a house down when the insurance payoff was more than the upkeep. The term used by the Bible, referred to the government as the "The (W)hore" (no how come my mom doesn't own any of the 7-11...why is it habib? oh favors...and how come I don't ever see anymore american owned motels anymore...oh india is rich now right?) Anyway the W(h)ore runs off to the desert place with child in hand probably telling the troops "they", some mysterious enemy, did this to us but what happens to the rest of us!? (wait till you get a load of this one!!!! ouch).

I'm hungry I think.

Where was I?

LOL , oh yeah...

No floppy drive and one is not nearby and now I'm down to considering the usb's .... I've heard you can make em boot (even though that option isn't offered in my antiquated existing bios....I mean really....what's a fella to do?

well I WANTED to use a damn cd but nero pooped out since it doesn't appear to have that option in this version) to learn the usb damn thingy.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, I'm hungry...gotta go.

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It would help to know what you are trying to accomplish

by Dumphrey In reply to Make Bootable CD

and what OS you use. Linux has many utilities for making iso images, and an isolinux.sys file should be all thats needed to make it bootable.
For windows based solutions, this is the way to go. Its alot of reading, but it works =)

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PB bootable disk/disc

by PlipO In reply to Make Bootable CD

Why do you want a Windows 98 bootable cd ?
If you just want a bootbale cd because you do not have a fdd then use this Packbell boot disk/disc creator.

You can boot any computer from the bootbale disk/disc then use any other cd you wish because the utilities from the bootable disk/disc will have been loaded to the ram drive.

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Good idea Plipo!!!

by nprcomputers In reply to PB bootable disk/disc

Hiren's boot utility to the rescue (again)!!!

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