make exchange to talk to outside world...

By ntrapasiya ·
Hi i have broadband connection at my home.
i have server windows 2003 running exchange server 2003.

i have 5 computer running outlook. i can send and receive emails internally but i cannot send and receive external emails..

i dont know how to setup exchange server to send and receive external emails under registered domain name.

any help on this...?

thanks in advance.

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by ntrapasiya In reply to These may be of assistanc ...

thanks for quick reply.

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Your Welcome <NT>

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks
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MX record

by Nimmo In reply to make exchange to talk to ...

You will need to get your ISP to add a MX record against your IP address.

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MX Record

by ntrapasiya In reply to MX record

Hi there,

is that all i have to do..

from my part isn't there anything else to setup like external port or internal port separation..or forwarding my emails to some perticular address etc..

please help.

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Yes there is a lot to do

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to MX Record

But first you have to let your ISP Know that they May need to make changes or everything you attempt will be for nothing.

You need to start at the beginning and work through the setup procedure and the first thing is to get any necessary changes at your ISP made.

I thought from your previous questions you had already done this.


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Exchange setup

by Nimmo In reply to MX Record

Like OH Smeg said there is a lot that goes into setting up such a server.

I should have mentioned before that you should also not only create a MX record but you should also create a reverse look up on you IP address.

I have had servers bounce email because when they reserve email they will do a reverse look up and find that the sending server's IP address doesn't match because it is pointing back at the ISPs servers not the companies server.

As for ports and other things you will need to port forward SMTP at a minimum, what I mean is for a basic setup to send/receive email you will need to port forward SMTP.

(you will need to take a look at your routers documentation for how to setup portforwarding [])

If you want other ways for users to access exchange you will need to setup/configure and port forward ports for OWA.

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