Make Installable Cisco VPN Client DVD

By Cudmasters Los ·
i would like to distribute dvd's that will install cisco vpn client on a computer. i have the client package, but how can i make it install when you insert the dvd.

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Autorun ?

by darkstate In reply to Make Installable Cisco VP ...

You don't say what os you are Installing it on?
Are you asking how to enable autorun?
win 7

Some autorun programs to run the program

I'm just totally guessing this is what you want, if not sorry.

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by Cudmasters Los In reply to Autorun ?

i totally messed up that question, sorry
at one location, there were cd's passed out where the employees would incert the cd, and it would automatically install cisco vpn client with the target info, i figured out how to insert the vpn target into the install like they had(just edited theirs, copied disk into folder, swapped edited target, and ran from folder) i would like to do the same like they did with the cd, or dvd. i am assuming i would burn my copied copy onto burner app, and if right, do i add a auto run script? if so how?i think i am explaing this right, let me know if this is confusing, thanks for your reply and help with the research you did on my messed up question, sorry about that.

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by darkstate In reply to OS

Yes, all the autorun will do is enable autorun function on all the pc's so when they put any disc into the cd/dvd player, It will run it.
On the cd that you are making you will have a file called AUTORUN.INF In the root directory of the cd, This will have a few lines of code like this.
Now once the cd is inserted it will run Run.exe (You will rename your .exe whatever the vpn client is named).
Here's some more Info on autorun.
You didn't mess up your question, It was fine.
Its all part of solving a problem, we will get there in the end.

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Will Try

by Cudmasters Los In reply to Yes

great, will give it a try. will post results, thanks

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Please do

by darkstate In reply to Will Try

I'm curious to what the end result will be and how we overcome the problem.
Remember this will help someone else in the future overcome the same problem,or at least point them in the right direction.

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by Cudmasters Los In reply to Please do

It worked!!! Awesome!!!, thank you. Also, is it possible that i could add in the dvd,a script that would map a drive?

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With a simple script yes

by darkstate In reply to Awesome

Mapping a drive is easy.
first make a new folder and share it.
Test its shared via a command,type
net view name_of_server_here
Mine would be net view darkstate
It should now show you the shares available on the server/pc.
Next we can either do a vb script or a .bat script,both do the same thing but can be used in different ways.
First make a txt file and call it mapdrive.vbs
Remember to change the file from a .txt to .vbs
Next put this code in, and change the name of the server/pc from darkstate to the name of your server/pc. and the name of the shared file"test" to the name of the folder on your server/ can also change the drive letter to whatever suits you,I've used "Z"

Set objNetwork = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network")
objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "Z:" , "\\DARKSTATE\test"

The other way to get a mapped drive going is using a .bat file,same as before share a folder in c then make a file and call it map.bat,Copy this code in,and as before change to suit you needs.
net use Z: \\DARKSTATE\test
,you can also make another file and call it disconnect.bat and put this code in,
net use Z: /delete
to disconnect the drive when its finished with.
Now remember,you will need to connect first using the the client, then run the scripts, otherwise it won't work.
You can put both of these files in the startup folder on the pc and use the logon command to start them when they boot and shutdown,but In your case i don't think that will work because you will need to use the cisco client first, then run the scripts.
Hope this helps.

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