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Make network between 98 and xp computer

By bigfootduck ·
i have to hook up a network at someone's house between 2 computers. One is running 98SE the other XP.... is there goin to b ne complications that i should know about before hand and i don't need ne thing except the 2 network cards and wire right. ifi only have 2 i don't need a hub... right? i haven't done a network other than a lan party for some gamers soo ne help would b appreciated

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One item

by madroxxx In reply to Make network between 98 ...

The cable must be a crossover to connect two network cards together. A normal patch cable won't link.

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by bigfootduck In reply to One item

hmmmm.... what is the difference between a crossover and a regular ole cat 5 cable?? your knowledge would b a big help

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try this....

by wmwphl In reply to Make network between 98 ...

big foot I think all you need is just a cross cable & some ip adrs.Bucause as i experience, windows xp does not support netbui protocol.
You just need to supply both the pc. dif. ip & same subnet.
ip adrs. Subnet Mask
ex. pc1 /
pc2 /
then you need also to put them in the same workgroup.

lastly since you are not using a hub you need to check the nic cards speed.Disable the autosensing (if there is )& set a same speed for both nic cards.
Hope id help you... =-)

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nic cards speed

by ferocious In reply to try this....

Most NICs are 10/100 nowadays.

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by SteveF68 In reply to try this....

XP DOES support NetBeui. You just have to hunt thru the installation CD to find it, but it is there.

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XP Permissions for Win98 users?

by RobD. In reply to

I have my home network setup using XP and Win98...the XP machine can connect to the shares on 98 no problem (Without NETBEUI), but the 98 machines are prompted for a password when they try to connect. I turned off simple sharing on the XP machine, and use NTFS permissions. What permission will allow the 98 users to connect??

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XP and Win 98 (needs Password)

by ttek In reply to XP Permissions for Win98 ...

Open up the Management Console in XP and go to Groups and Users, then select Users (open it up) and "uncheck" the disable Guest Account. The Guest Account -- now open for use -- should allow the Win 98 to see the XP machine. This also works in Win 2K. Bet you are getting that $ with the workgroup name of the XP machine, too? Huh? T

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