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    Make new drive primary / master


    by mrosback ·

    My kids are using a Dell w/ a 120Gb drive and it is slowing down considerably. I have purchased a 320Gb drive but would like to make it primary. What is the least painful way to do this without moving files/programs from the current primary drive?

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      No easy way

      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to Make new drive primary / master

      The new drive can be added as the primary drive, and the original drive can be designated as the slave by changing the jumpers, or setting the jumpers for cable select, but then the system won’t be able to boot from the new drive without an OS installed. The best approach would be to add the new drive as the slave and move the files to it. To clear out even more space you could uninstall the selected programs from the first and re-install on the new drive.

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      Use a program…

      by ptelly ·

      In reply to Make new drive primary / master

      like Ghost to clone one hard drive to another. As a safty measure you might want to clone to and disk just in case to make reinstall a litter easier. I would clean up orgainl drive of all just and unused programs first.

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