Make Old XP Boot Drive Work on New System

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My computer died several weeks ago. I bought a new Dell system with Vista. The old computer's hard drive running Win XP is fine. How to I make the old drive the new computer's boot drive. I have hundreds of programs on the old drive that I don't want to reinstall - probably can't even find the original disks. I tried just putting the drive in the new computer, but the system won't boot.

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This happens because there is different hardware involved

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Make Old XP Boot Drive Wo ...

The fastest way if you have an OEM Install CD is to do a repair install of XP though you'll most likely need to hunt down some drivers as they are unlikely to be on the Windows CD. If you only have a Slipstreamed Recovery CD that will not work as it doesn't have a complete set of drivers on it so you need either a OEM or Retail copy of the same version of XP to do an In Place Install like this,


OH you'll also need the Product Key for the old install of XP as well. And once this is done you'll have to apply any Service Packs & patches that have become available since the CD was made.


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Re; Different hardware involved

Hi HAL 9000, could he not just pull out the bios batt to reset the bios then reinstall the hdd. I have done just this on my other computer and it works fine.

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This depends on what's in the i386 file

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Re; Different hardware in ...

Provided that he has a complete install CD all that should be required is to reset the BIOS with the new HDD installed unless that is set to Auto Detect and then work from there.

Though if they only have a slipstreamed Recovery CD to work from there will be a swag of driver issues that are not supported.


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