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    Make your company’s laptops last ’til they’re classics


    by beth blakely ·

    I suppose you can be nostalgic for anything, and PC Magazine’s John C. Dvorak recently reminisced about the products of yesteryear in his top ten list of classic laptops.,1759,1627928,00.asp While many of the machines on Dvorak’s list are no longer in circulation, the IBM ThinkPads are still being used and developed. “Nearly every one since the original was a classic,” Dvorak said.
    To keep your company’s laptops going stronger longer, use these tips to help your users ensure optimal battery life. And, although it’s sad when a laptop loses its luster, there’s no need to lose the data. Learn to extract data from a dead laptop with a laptop hard drive adapter with this article by Greg Shultz.

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      Even easier

      by 1stladytech ·

      In reply to Make your company’s laptops last ’til they’re classics

      Why not just get an external self-powered laptop drive enclosure put the drive in it. You can get your data off, then format the harddrive to gain the space. These fit in your shirt pocket, cost 12-15 wholesale or 15-30 retail, great way to extend a component life and make your life easier at the same time. I do it all the time


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