Making a case for training?

By Menace65 ·
How does one go about making a case for training? We have a brand new piece of software which I not only have to use as an end user, but also have to administer and support.

I have had no official training on this product, and yet I have to figure out how to make changes to any requests that come my way, and fix any issues that occur.

Yes, we do have a support agreement, and I have no qualms about calling them, but they only go so far. I have been told that there is no money for training, and all costs have been cut, of course this happens when I'm probably in the most need of training.

I don't want this training for my health, but for the ability to better support the company. I feel like whatever I want to do, there are always roadblocks as to why. It's frustrating as ****.

Any advice?


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Count time

by Saurondor In reply to Making a case for trainin ...

Add your time used to figure out things plus the time people loose while waiting for you to figure out things. Add it up. Multiply by hourly wages and talk to your boss about it.

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There are no easy answers here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Making a case for trainin ...

It all depends on the individual company and who is running it. If accountants are in charge you are wasting your time attempting to do anything that costs money but you should none the less document everything you do and just how much time you spend on any support calls.

It will not help now but when you are latter approached and asked why things have taken so long to resolve you can point to the Book and say this is what I'm doing in the Dark without any training on this application and let them figure out a solution that costs them less money.


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