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    Making a mobile app with no coding experience


    by Abel0036 ·


    I’m wanting to make a mobile app but I don’t have any coding experience. I know there is software out there to help with this but I don’t know which is best or what’s the most common, in case I end up getting help developing it. I don’t know anything about UI or UX so if there are any kind of templates out there that would be good to know about too. Any advice would be helpful.

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      What’s stopping you?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Making a mobile app with no coding experience

      There are many no-code low experience app builders out there and then we have Upwork and other sites to source programmers.

      You mention templates but any app I’ve written in about 4 decades could not have been done with a template. Is your app simple enough to use the templates you are talking about?

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        Building blocks vs templates

        by Abel0036 ·

        In reply to What’s stopping you?

        I guess I mean is there a program that has premade assets like drop downs menus, banners, buttons, etc. that you could arrange into whatever you want. Something like Adobe XD just seems intimidating.

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