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making an image to raid configuration

By avramk456 ·

i have server with raid configuration.
mirror and strip set with parity.
its hardware raid.

when i use ghost, what would i see?
the logical drive configured by the raid?

should i read and test more before tring it, or maybe it is like any clone progerss?


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to making an image to raid c ...

If it is a mirror RAID you should be able to just clone off one drive and have all the data available but if it's a Striped Array you'll need to clone both drives to get all the data. It really depends on what the system was set up for a lot of redundancy or speed.

Either way I would do a lot of testing before committing anything to an action that may cause major problems.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

If this is just data that you need transfered to the Server with the RAID Array you can just transfer it across the network onto the RAID Array and use whichever part that you want it stored to either the Mirrored or Striped side of the RAID.

If it is highly confidential data the Striped side would be better but you'll also need to know the capabilities of the RAID Controller as all the ones on the Intel Chip Set M'Boards will not rebuild the Striped RAID array in the case of a failed HDD. So you'll have to take regular backup and incremental Backups depending on just how Mission Critical the Server is.

If it is super Critical I would be looking at least Weekly Backup with hourly Incremental Backups being performed but if it is less sensitive you may get away with Daily Incremental's it really depends on just how Important the Data actually is.

You also might like to invest in one of the Promise Technology Raid Controllers as they will rebuild a Striped Array if you have a HDD failure. Intel didn't consider the added expense necessary when they designed their current M'Boards as they insist that you would always have a current backup to fall back on if something went wrong.

The Promise Tech on the other hand expect bad things to happen and will rebuild if you have a HDD failure on any single drive of a matched pair.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to making an image to raid c ...

ghost won't see the raid array, pretty sure. it depends on your controller. you would have to load the raid controller drivers on the ghost boot disk. i never heard of dos raid drivers, at least lately...

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by lowlands In reply to making an image to raid c ...

It can be done. You will need your raid drivers on whatever medium you use to boot. Even though there might not be any dos drivers available, you can put ghost on for example a BartPE bot cd, together with your raid drivers. If you then ghost partitions instead of disks, you should encounter no problems. But of course, test thouroughly before doing this on any mission critical systems.

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by LeBlur In reply to making an image to raid c ...

Yes, making a ghost image of the server you will see the logical drives.
When restoring the ghost image you will need to configure your hardware array before reloading the ghost image. But it does work and we curently ghost servers with raid 0 & 5 configured disks to external USB drives.

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Ghost 2003 on raid 5

by nomadh In reply to

When I boot dos on the compaq hardware raid 5 it created the image and restored it with resized partitions. Don't recall if it was a compaq dl360 or dl380. So test to make sure but it worked perfect in this case.

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